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Educate yourself on strain variations and how each offers you a colorful, new, stoned feeling. Discover the strains that GUARANTEE a hit that will send you over the moon on the first toke. These strains spread through the body, and you’ll literally experience contact high – anything the medicine touches! First your face, then chest, then permeating throughout, your entire body will be lit up.

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  • The absolute best strains for a first time grower.
  • Know exactly what to look for when choosing a seed to plant, including height, potency, aroma, indoor or outdoor, yield tendency, location, flowering time, and more.
  • Great choices for growing near the equator, especially if you’re looking for that classic Kush taste.
  • Modern day, popular strain lists organized by type of high (from couch lock Indicas to giggly, party weed to psychedelic, trippy Sativas.

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